Did I Make A Mistake?


Every September marks the anniversary of Catfish Studio, so happy 2nd birthday Catfish Studio! We’ve reached the terrible two’s but these past two years have been far from terrible. At this point in 2018, the house has really settled itself into becoming a photography studio suitable for for photographers and videographers to hire out for photoshoots and filmmaking.

Yet, lately I have been wondering, have I been making a small yet crucial mistake in my terminology? I’m talking about the term Private Hire as seen on the booking form. For a long time, Private Hire of Catfish Studio has meant that the studio can be hired for a booking consisting of up to 5 people. This can be a combination of three photographers and two models, or two photographers with two models and a make up artist, any which way you want. It’s entirely up to you how you want to arrange your photoshoot. So, a team of up to 5 people can hire Catfish Studio from £25 per hour. Not £25 per hour per person, but £25 per hour between all people involved in the booking, so depending on your arrangements with each other, you can share the cost of studio hire between yourselves. Any more than 5 people falls under the category of Group Photoshoots, which rates start from £70 for a minimum of 2 hours. Full details of rates can be found the bottom of this page.


Here’s the thing. The word “private” doesn’t really indicate that you can make your photoshoot into a mini group session of up to 5 people. It can easily be interpreted as having the studio all to yourself, for a one to one photoshoot with your model, which of course, you are more than welcome to do so. Most bookings that happen here usually are one to one, and it’s because of that that I started to wonder, are people aware that they can arrange a photoshoot with more people and still hire Catfish Studio from £25 per hour?

As from now, I’m going to make that a little clearer by no longer referring to it as Private Hire and changing the term to Studio Hire. It’s a small and simple thing but the smallest of things can have the largest of impacts.

If you’d like to hire Catfish Studio for photoshoots or filmmaking, use the booking form where you will now see Studio Hire instead of Private Hire.