Model Days Price Share

Share the Price of Model Days with Another Photographer

Model Days at Catfish Studio may be advertised as one to one photoshoots but that’s not necessarily the case. Any photographer wanting to book a model day photoshoot has the option to split the cost with another photographer and shoot 2 to 1 with the model.


Photographers concerned about spending £50-£60 per hour shoot can split the cost with another photographer for each time slot, and make an enjoyable photoshoot working in pairs with any of the fantastic models coming to Catfish Studio this year.

So, grab a photographer, discuss ideas and share a memorable photoshoot with any of this year’s models at Catfish Studio.

Don’t have anyone else to work with or prefer to work alone? That’s fine, the option to shoot one to one with the model will always be there.


To book a slot for any of the upcoming model day or evenings, use the contact form or email with details of the day and time you want to come, and if you will be sharing the shoot with another photographer or not.