Filmmaking at Catfish Studio

Very recently, I implemented a new booking system to the website, developed by Cozycal. The feedback I have received from photographers who have used the new booking system has been overwhelmingly positive, and I have found it far easier to manage bookings than with the old system.

One day, I receive a 5 hour booking from someone requesting to use the swimming pool and bath tub while they’re here. Nothing unusual about this. I just thought it’ll be a photographer with a couple of models doing a photoshoot in these settings.

On the day of the booking, 4 guys in their 20s show up with lots of filmmaking equipment. As it turns out, they’re here to shoot a music video for South African rapper, Phundo Art, who appeared on the BBC Introducing Stage at Reading & Leeds Festival 2017.

With the track being called “Water Juice” it seemed appropriate that a swimming pool should be used for the video.


Halfway through them filming in the swimming pool, I noticed they had a bag full of bottles of orange squash. “Why so many bottles?” I asked. The plan was to fill up the bath with orange juice with Phundo Art inside it. There are times that I think I’ve seen every conceivable idea for a photoshoot happen in this studio, but no, the craziness continues.


The guys had a great had great time shooting their music video here and certainly had no limitations in producing what they had to.

So, as well as photography, Catfish Studio is also capable of hosting filmmakers as well.

If you’d like to film your music video or movie at Catfish Studio, send an email